In the Admin panel, you can see a list of all appointments under appointments menu. Using search function and filters, you can find your appointments. You can order the list with ASC and DESC markup for all columns.

You can edit or delete the appointments in here. To do this; simply click on the options in front of the appointment and click the Edit or Delete button according to the drop-down page.

You can also select and delete appointments in bulk.

When you click on the icon in the list PAYMENT column, you will see the detailed payment Info. You can change Payment, Price, or Payment status as needed.

You can create a new Appointment from Backend. Click on the ADD APPOINTMENT button to do this.

In the pop-up window, select Location first.

After selecting the service categories, select the final service and select staff. Immediately after, the date and time the Appointment will begin.

Date and time options are available according to timesheet, holidays and special days. If you set Sunday as a holiday, there will be no empty time slot option for this day.

You will only see empty time slots in here. If more customers have booked at time slot on 10th of May at 10:00 pm, you will not be able to create 2nd appointment on same time slot.

After viewing the date and time, click on Customers..

If it is possible to add a book as a Service Group, then you can add a number of Customers to suit your capacity. You can edit the status of the Customer in front of Appointment. If the customer is not alone and several people come together, you can mention that number in the selection. These numbers will be combined for capacity.

If you have extras related to the Service and you want to select it, you can do so from the Extras tab.

If “Send email notifications” is not set on the checkbox, then notifications will not send. If you want to send notifications that are set up in Notifications, it is important that you check this checkbox.

Monthly Recurring Appointments:

If the service you choose is a Monthly recurring service, then different options will be opened for you. On: There are 6 options in this selection:

  1. Specific day
  2. First
  3. Second
  4. Third
  5. Fourth
  6. Last

If you select the Specific day option, you can specify the specific days you want from 1 to 31 in the upcoming selection. For example, you want to repeat this appointment 5, 10 and 15 each month. Then you will select options 5, 10 and 15 in the upcoming select.
In Time, you decide how many hours each day will start this appointment. You will mark the start date and end date. Once you have completed the details, you will see in the Times entry how many times your appointment will be tailored to your preferences. For example, you did not take a 3-month interval and chose 5th, 10th and 15th of each month. In this case you have selected 9 appointments. The 3-month interval, 3 appointments each month, the final number is 9. You can also control End Data by saying Times input. For example, you don’t want to calculate the last date, but you know that the appointment must be repeated 10 times. Then type 10 in times and let the program calculate end date itself.

If you select one of the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Last options you will be able to choose any day of the week in the upcoming select. For example, you can choose first monday. This means that the appointment will be repeated on the first day of each month. Other Start date, end date, and times options will remain the same as in the above selection.

If the fixed full period is set at the time the service is added, you cannot set the end date. When you select start date, the end date will be automatically calculated according to the service settings.

Weekly Recurring Appointments:

In this case you will be able to choose the days of the week. After choosing the days of the week, you can set the start time in front of each one. Finally, you select Start date and End date. The start date, End date, and Times will be as we mentioned above.

Daily Recurring Appointments:

When adding a daily recurring appointment, you must first determine how many days your appointment will be repeated. If you choose every 1 day, it means that every gun appointment will be repeated. If you choose to do it every 2 days, it will repeat every 2 days.
Time, Star date, End date and Times are the same as the others.

With an up-to-date interface and informative calendar, you can see your employees’ work shift.

Whether you choose a monthly schedule or choose a weekly schedule, you can look at the daily schedule. You can also view appointments in the list view through the List view if you want. You can filter appointments based on location, services and staff.

With our service, you can send email notifications about any actions to your customers and staff. You can edit the title and content of these email notifications with specific keywords as you want.

You have to adjust notifications each individually for customers and staff members.

Activate any notification you want by slider and it will turn to green when on.

You can modify emails with the editor in this section. When ready, you can send test emails to yourself by submitting “send test email”.

You can send email notifications for these triggers:

Notification Tabs

With the help of the Notification Tabs feature, you can send specific notifications to your customers and staff according to staff, service and location. You need to create a new tab by entering Notifications and clicking the green plus sign there.

After creating the tab, this tab will appear in the Notifications section and you will be able to create the notification you want from here. The notification you create here will only be sent for the service, staff, location you selected. Also, if your site is multi language, you can send notifications to your customers in the language your site uses. If you select a specific language while creating the tab, this notification will be sent if your customer uses that language.

Time slot length

With this option you can set the default length of the time slot. We want to briefly summarize what this option means:
Imagine you chose time slot length 30 minutes. This means that when customers make a new booking, they will see times up to 30 minutes, for example: 10:30am, 11:00am, 11:30am, 12:00pm, 12:30pm, etc.

This value is default value. You can refer to the default value when you add the Service or select the individual Time slot.

Default value: 5 minutes.

Set slot length as service duration

If you activate this option, Time slot length option will override. As a result slot length will be equal to the duration of the service. For instance, if the duration of the service is 1 hour, when customers make a booking, they will see time at 1 hour interval: 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, 13:00pm, etc.

Default value: Disabled.

Minimum time requirement prior to booking

With this option you can appropriate that your customers can make a booking at least a few days in advance. For instance, you want your customers to book before minimum 1 day. In this case you will select 1 day in this option. If this option is not needed, just disable it.

Default value: Disabled.

Limited booking days

With this option you can choose how long your customers can book later. For instance, typing in 90 days, you’ll be able to make sure that your customers can’t add booking after 90 days.

Default value: 365 days.

Week starts on

In some countries, the week starts on Sunday, in some countries, on Monday. You can change which day of the week starts on your calendar according to your country and your choice.

Date format

The date format also varies by country. You can set the date format according to your choice.

Time format

You can set the time format to be 24 hours or 12 hours.

Default appointment status

When customer add a new booking, you can show here what will be default value. If you need managers to confirm it and specify issue after your customers make a booking, in this option you can select Pending status. As a result when customer adds a new booking, it will run into Dashboard. And after the manager specifies details, that appointment will be approved or rejected.

Default value: Approved.

Show time slots in client time-zone

When you use this feature, your customers will see your working hours according to their timezone. This feature allows you to do global service.

Activate Google reCAPTCHA

Most of the Booking Appointment users complain about spam appointments. If their service is free or demands in-office payment, it causes big problems such as spam appointments. Thanks to the Google ReCaptcha feature, such cases are not a problem anymore. By activating Google ReCAPTCHA, OnlineBookMe users will have a chance to avoid spam appointments

Allow admins to book appointments outside working hours

If you activate this feature, you can create an appointment for any date you want outside of your working hours while creating a manual appointment in your admin panel.

Only registered users can book

When this feature is turned on, users who do not log in to your site cannot view or use your booking panel. When they enter the page with your Booking panel, they are directed to the login page.

To integrate with Zoom; go to Settings -> Integration with Zoom;

Click the “CLICK TO CONNECT WITH ZOOM” button;

Allow the necessary permissions to authorize your Zoom account.

After authorization, you will see returning to the previous page. There you will see a notification that your Zoom account has already been connected.

You can disable integration with Zoom or connect to another Zoom account by clicking the Disconnect button at any time in future.

In the next step, you need to activate Zoom for the service by editing the services;

Then connect the Zoom account with the required staff member. To do this, go to the staff module and select the staff member you want to connect to Zoom, and edit it. In the Zoom user section, select and save the required Zoom account;

You are now connected to Zoom. A meeting will be automatically created on Zoom on the appropriate date and time when online bookings are made. System will send you and client the URL of this meeting using Email, SMS, and Whatsapp notifications. Please check your notification settings. Only paid plans agve SMS and Whats Up functionality.

Uninstalling the OnlineBookMe Add-on From Your Zoom account

All of your customers’ data is stored in the archive format. This is because you don’t loose old customers. You can export your customers’ data to excel file whenever you want, or you can import your new customers to our service by CSV file.

If you want to add a new customers, you can access the Customers menu and click the ADD NEW button.

You can add a note in opened window by mentioning the name, surname, email, phone number of customers, selecting profile picture, gender and date of birth.

Then you will be able to add to customer base by clicking on the ADD CUSTOMER button. With a functional and searchable toolbar, you can search first name, surname, phone number and email of customers. You can sort a list through the ASC or DESC in column you want.

By using the “Allow to login” feature, you can also create a login for your added customers. Your customers will be able to manage their own appointments with this login.

If you want to delete any customer, go to the options in front of it and click on Delete button.

If you want to amend customers’ data, go to the options in front of it and click the Edit button.

You can also delete customers collectively. is a cloud based appointment booking system that you can use as stand-alone or by embedding to your website.

With our Tools, you will 100% automate your business.

Our booking system will save you from redundant resources, time-wasting and other risks, your customer base will be collected and your business will be open 7/24 to your customers. requires no programming to setup, has a modern UI / UX interface and is ideal for booking of any kind of appointments. With customizable templates, form-builder, multiple category level, and many other features, you can fully customize your booking system for your business.

Multi-level categories of the Booking Appointment Booking System feature give its users the chance to request appointments from different employees who provide different services.

Service category analysis provides deep insights into customer experiences, emerging trends in the market, information about competitors and their marketing activities – these will enable you to make timely business decisions that will lead you ahead of your competitors.

Competitor analysis and customer experience analysis form part of product category analysis. As a whole, it offers brand managers and chief customer insights managers a deep understanding of what is unique and special about your brand, and how your brand should be positioned in the marketplace to deliver maximum growth and profitability.

Dividing the Booking System to Multi-level categories can sound complex but…

Let’s say you are a local clinic owner. There are many different doctors offer different services in your clinic. While some of these offer the same services, some services are completely different from others. Or these staffs demand different prices for the same services. Or they offer services in different categories. In such a situation, it should be very difficult to create a system for users who want to make an appointment. It is complicated to imagine, right? But has a feature that allows you to easily overcome all these problems.

How to set up Multi-level categories?

Thanks to the multi-level categories feature, you can collect the services provided by team members under different headings. After determining the services that will be included in each category, you select the team members who will offer these services.

Your customers know which categories they will request an appointment from after selecting the staff members to whom they will receive service. In this way, you can reduce the complexity of your process most simply by considering different staff members serving in a wide range of services.

Hiding Steps On Customer Appointment Form booking form allows you to reorder or hide steps easily according to your business. panel is designed to be useful for any type of business. In some cases, you would like not to use some of the features we offer you.

For example, you only have one staff member and you find the ability to choose staff in your booking panel unnecessary. So you can turn off the staff selection feature in order to provide customers less steps.

The same can be used when there is only one location. By deactivating the location feature, you will avoid wasting unnecessary time and you will have a more aesthetic booking panel.

To do that, go to Settings > Front-end panels > Booking Steps to make your changes.

Reorder the Steps

You can not only close and open the steps in the panel, but also sort them in the order you want. Through this ordering, you can set which step will come first and which step will come next.

For this, you can create the order you want by catching the move icon and pulling it up or down.  

Although is designed for all businesses, very specific forms may be required in some business processes. For example, you can ask your customers to fill special fields before coming to the appointment. Or you can ask your customer to upload a special document to the system before arranging an appointment. Maybe you can request that the link to social media accounts. Or you can ask them to fill out a short test before the appointment. has developed Form Builder to solve such problems. Moreover, you don’t need to know any code or HTML for building such custom forms. With our tool, you can customize your custom fields for your business by using the multi-function Form Builder for your Front-end booking panel. You can look at different forms at the same time and select each form for different services.

With its Label, Text Input, Text area, Number input, Date input, Time input, select list, CheckBox, Radio buttons, File Upload and Link fields you can create any type of form you want at your Booking Panel. You can make fields required or you can leave them as optional. All you need just do some drag and drop jobs and that is all!

You can reach Form Builder from Custom Forms tab from the back-end panel of your Dashboard. You can also choose which service to use for the form you create on this tab.

After finishing and saving form you can display your form the Information part of the front-end interface of Appointment Service. After the customer completes the appointment, the form will come to your system with other information. In this way, you can customize your Booking Panel as you wish and request unlimited information from your customers.