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What does renewal process like?

Paid subscriptions automatically renew for the same subscription period unless you downgrade your plan before your renewal date.

Can I try with my colleagues?

Absolutely! You can invite team members to join your trial account at no cost. At the end of your 30-day trial, if you do not renew a paid plan, your account will automatically downgraded to the Free plan.

Is my data secure and who owns it?

Yes, your data is secure and you are the one and only owner. All your communication with the system goes through SSL to avoid any external snooping. Our main server is in New York which is linked to CDN servers in San Francisco, Toronto, Amsterdam, London and Singapore. Servers close to your client is used […]

Who collect my booking payments?

It will be you depending on payment service of your choice. At the moment Stripe or PayPal. They will collect your payments and send to your bank accounts. We are just offering you the software system as service and not touching your collections at all.

Are my payment details secure?

Yes. When you pay for OnlineBookMe you go through our secure payment processing partners which is either Stripe or PayPal. When your clients pay you through booking system, they go through the same payment processing partner you choose to activate and integrate with our system. We never store any credit card information or sensitive payment […]