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Employee Leaves & Holidays in Appointment Booking

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Working is the most important thing in this life, and every person should work and benefit society. But everyone also needs rest. With this feature, you can set certain hours of the day or certain days of the week as a non-working time. For example, you can set aside for 1 hour of meals a day and you can set a break time by using this feature so that this mealtime is not visible to your customers on the booking panel.

How to set up Breaks?

If you come to the Time sheets section in the service settings, you can set your weekly working hours for that service. Within the scope of working hours, you can set the hours you want as break hours. When the customer makes a booking, the hours you choose as break hours will not appear on the booking panel.

How to Set Day offs?

Some days may be your day off, so you may not want to work that day. You can use this feature to hide these days in the booking panel. You make the day you want on the day of the week, so those days appear busy on the booking panel.

What are Special days?

If you do not want to work only on certain days a month, or if you have any plans for any day in advance, you can set this day as a special day in advance. This day will appear as busy on your booking panel.

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