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Appointments with Recurring Events Booking

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Some appointments are just for one-time. If you are going to make an appointment with the dentist, you may only need to make an appointment one or a bit more times. But most of the time, you have to make recurring appointments.

If you are a hair dresser, and if our customers come to you for a shave on a certain day of the month, this means that they need to enter your system every month and request an appointment from you. Or maybe you are a psychologist that, your customers will have to do this again and again once a week or more times. But with our Recurring Appointments Option, you can get rid of this trouble. When your customers request an appointment in your system, they select the repetition interval of the appointment and create regular recurring appointments.

Moreover, you have a lot of time interval options that you can plan. You can also choose for yourself how long the appointments will be scheduled, or how many appointments will be repeated. So you don’t have to set up a time for each appointment or repeat the routine for an appointment.

Moreover, recurring appointments are automatically saved in your Google Calendar. If the recurring appointments requested by the customer coincide with another appointment, this problem is automatically resolved by the system.

How to set up Recurring Appointments?

To set up Recurring Appointments, we go to the Services section and select whether this service is repeatable or not. All we need to do next is to set the criteria to be repeated only following our business process. Also, in this section, you can choose how you want to request payment from the customer for recurring appointments

When your customers choose Rewcurring Service, they can also choose appointment slots in the Date and Time section of your front-end.

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