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Appointment Booking Plugin with Google ReCaptcha

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In general, most of the Booking Appointment users complain about spam appointments. If their service is free, or they demand in-office payment, it causes big problems such as spam appointments. Thanks to the Google ReCaptcha feature of the, such cases are not a problem anymore. By using Google ReCAPTCHA, users will have a chance to avoid spam appointments

What is ReCAPTCHA?

ReCAPTCHA is something we’re all exposed to as we trawl through the internet daily. The “I’m not a robot” button can make us all think at some point in time, “What is the point of this?”

The reason why ReCAPTCHA is a prevalent tool in online submission forms is to prevent spam and abuse from entering the site. CAPTCHA isn’t a cute way of saying “Got ya!” to those bots, it’s an acronym: “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. 

What does CAPTCHA on our website? 

CAPTCHA prevents any spam or bots from entering data into fields on your site. This can include fake comments on posts, emails, fraudulent transactions, contact form entries, and fake registration submissions. 

CAPTCHA comes in many different forms. You can find them as a text-based puzzle, an image-based puzzle, or the standard “I’m not a robot” ReCAPTCHA. These are simple and easy to complete tasks that can withstand your site from being inundated with bots. 

Why generally people need a CAPTCHA?

If your site is often inundated with bots and you’re sick of spam entries in your mailbox, then yes, you should signup for CAPTCHA. Google suggests that the new version provides higher security than the original, as well as a better user experience through (mostly) skipping the need to solve a puzzle. Considering the software can be added easily without incurring costs, adding reCAPTCHA is a simple and easy way to prevent your inbox from filling up with generic SEO proposal emails. 

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