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Appointment Booking
For Your Website

Just plug to your current website with a simple code or use as stand alone

Through comprehensive booking forms and payment gateways, our appointment scheduling plugin helps to boost occupancy and enhance customer service and make booking breeze for your customers.
Happy Merchants & Growing enables full automation of customer interaction and enhances the workflow, making customers and employees get instant updates on scheduled appointments.

Fully Customizable

You can easily customize a booking form, setup on your website or use standalone, create single or recurring payments, allow group appointments, set notification preferences, and use other customization options.

A Turnkey Solution

Easy to Setup & Manage

Setting-up and configuration of our appointment booking plugin will take just a few minutes. The intuitive design and detailed documentation make everyone fully understand and leverage all the features right away.

Suitable For Any Business is A flexible appointment booking service that works great for any business including consultants, spa, beauty salons, repair services, dancing and fitness classes, lawyers, photographers, consultants, lawyers, financial advisors.and many more. You can just choose the services you need,

Team and Payment Management does not only help customers to book appointments online, but it also displays the workload of the employees. It gives a clear occupancy graph to the management, and helps to adjust the payments cutting time and expense on using additional tools and add-ons.

Share Your Schedule and Start Receiving Reservations

Do you feel like you could do more things if you had more time?

Save Up To 60 Minutes Daily

We spend 40-60 min each day organizing and scheduling appointments.

Save Up To 40 Minutes For Reminders

Another 30-40 minutes spent on messages and reminders to customers so they don't forget their meetings.


Configure your schedules, breaks, products, services and let do the rest.


Send your booking link to your clients, or embed into your website.


Customers can book 24/7 and reminders are sent. Rescheduling is easy without interrupting you.

How Can Help You To Grow Your Business

If you own an appointment-based company, you know booking is significantly tied to your cash flow. In order to stay competitive, it’s important to be efficient when setting appointment schedules. Below, we demonstrate the importance of using appointment scheduling system through various statistics:

Appointments booked after business hours:
Minimum revenue increase on businesses when using online booking systems:
Individuals that are more likely to choose a new service provider if that provider offers online booking options:
Patients prefer online booking:
Online appointments booked on same-day or next-day:
Customers that prefer booking appointments online over phone or in-person:
Appointment bookings that occur during working hours are made on the go:
Appointments that are scheduled online are done so after the office is closed:

Appointment Scheduling Preferences

Customer opinions are the highest priority when you’re providing a service or a product. Especially since the pandemic, appointment scheduling online has become increasingly popular to the point where it is now the clear preference for the majority of consumers, as indicated by the statistics.

More than half of Millenials and Gen Xers say they would switch providers for the ability to book appointments online.

Considering the rising ages of these generations, providing customers with an online option is increasingly significant.

41% of all booking services are found through social media.

36% of these bookings come through Instagram, while 22% come through Facebook. Social media is one of the first places people look to schedule appointments.

Discover the Easiest Way to Schedule Appointments & Convert More Visitors into Bookings

Easily manage bookings, take payments, and grow your business. Simply define your services and providers, display their availability, and you will have clients both old and new making bookings 24/7.