Appointment Booking Service For Your Website

Through comprehensive booking forms and payment gateways, our appointment scheduling plugin helps to boost occupancy and enhance customer service and make booking breeze for your customers.

Appointment Booking Manager

We offer

Appointment Booking Solution
For Your Website enables full automation of customer interaction and enhances the workflow, making customers and employees get instant updates on scheduled appointments.

Easy to Setup and Manage

Setting-up and configuration of our appointment booking plugin will take just a few minutes. The intuitive design and detailed documentation make everyone fully understand and leverage all the features right away.

Suitable for Any Business is the best appointment booking service that works great for any business including consultants, spa, beauty salons, repair services, dancing and fitness classes, lawyers, photographers and many more.

Fully Customizable

You can easily customize a booking form, setup on your website or use standalone, create single or recurring payments, allow group appointments, set notification preferences, and use other customization options.



While will offer a professional solution for booking online, it will also bring you new ways to enchain your customer base.

Ability to Diversify Your Services

Common issue business owners face using such a booking services is the inability to distinguish between various types or components of services that dramatically affect the price and time needed. With, you can easily add as many multi-level categories for your services as you want to.

Suitable for a Variety of Businesses is the best appointment booking service that works great for any business including hotels, spa, beauty salons, repair services, dancing and fitness classes, dentists, lawyers, photographers, independent consultants and many more.

Creation of Customer Base

With,  you never have to worry about adding a client to your CRM system anymore - the booking plugin will instantly systemize and securely store all the customer data. The longer you use our service, the more insights you get about your loyal customers.

Comprehensive Reporting presents comprehensive reports on the number of and the revenue from appointments done by certain customers, during a definite time or with one of your employees. This is invaluable for business analytics.

Team and Payment Management does not only help customers to book appointments online, but it also displays the workload of the employees. Appointment management plugin WordPress gives a clear occupancy graph to the management, and helps to adjust the payments cutting time and expense on using additional tools and add-ons.

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Key Features

Zoom Meetings

Zoom Integration

Geographical boundaries, time constraints are no longer a limit for your business growth. With, you can create Zoom meetings from the calendar and access links directly from your admin panel. Hold one-on-one meetings, group meetings, webinars, and consultations without stepping out of the plugin. Streamlining consultations help to grow online visibility and escalate your revenues.

Form Builder allows you to create forms that are specific to your business needs. With customized form builder, you can remove fields that make the scheduling process complicated and design ones that will better prepare your staff for the appointments. allows clients to schedule and view appointments anytime with any device.

Form Builder
Google Calendar Sync

Google Calendar 2-way Sync simplifies the scheduling process easily. Integration with Google Calendar helps to efficiently manage appointment durations, busy time slots, and your employee workload. With calendar sync, clients can view your staff calendar and schedule appointments directly from the plugin. All the appointment requests or approvals are automatically saved in your Google Calendar.

Comprehensive Notifications

Use email, SMS, and WhatsApp notifications to strengthen your customer relations and enhance the quality of your service. You can send any type of message to your clients and staff about the status of appointments, payment confirmations, or sales campaigns. Automated SMS or email reminders reduce waiting time and ensure everyone shows up at the scheduled time. Easy appointment app empowers your customer relations and enhances high-demand quality.

Online Payments

Online Payments

Optionally, let clients pay at ease. To fully automate your service, integrated the most used and secure payment gateways into the platform. Once customers schedule an appointment you can request them to pay in advance with PayPal, Stripe or receive local payments. To take advantage of such integrations and achieve a competitive advantage in your industry you can use

Recurring Appointments

We make it fast and easy. Recurring appointments allows clients to pick a date and time once and set the frequency of appointments weeks or months ahead. Recurred appointments are automatically saved in Google Calendar so that no time overlap can happen. The utilization of recurring appointments and their payments makes best solution for advanced booking appointments.

Recurring Appointments